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  • SnippetsGetting objects from multiple child pages


    When you want to create a DataObjectSet encompasing objects from all the current pages children you can do something like this

    $pageIDs = $this->getDescendantIDList();
    $ObjectSet = DataObject::get(
                     "`ObjectPageID` IN (" . implode(",", $pageIDs) . ")"
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  • TutorialsSorting on a related DataObject in ModelAdmin


    Sometimes, in ModelAdmin, we want to be able to have a different default sort.

    Specifically, like in cases where a has_one is the preferred sorting. For example, we have a warehouse. In our DataObjects, we have the object "Lanes", has_many Products. And we have Products, has_one "Lanes". When we're browsing our Products in the admin, we want to have them default sorted by their Lane, not their name.

    Just saying default_sort = 'Lanes'; sadly does not do the job. It'll give you reddish-screens and stuff. Which is not what we like.

    Here's a (quite simple actually) solution.

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  • SnippetsDisplaying Fields From a Set of Pages on Another Page


    Although ultimately requiring very little code, displaying data from a set of pages on another page can seem confusing for those new to SilverStripe. This example will display all of the Images from all the staff pages on our current page. This works by first returning all the staff pages to our template and cycling through each of them, drawing the Image for each one.

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