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10 Super Useful SilverStripe Documentation Pages

Since I started learning SilverStripe I have come across a number of very useful documentation pages which were not very easy to find (at least not as easy as they could be). So here is a list of 10 official documentation pages which I always find myself referring back to.


Explains the principles behind a page type and how to use them to structure your data into a Model and Controller. It also covers adding/removing inherited CMS fields.

Form Field Types
An index of all the different types of form field you can use within SilverStripe without any custom modules. It's a great resource that makes creating CMS fields and forms a simple copy and paste affair.

Built in Page Controls
Ever wondered what variables & methods you have available to you when building a template in SilverStripe? Well this page lists them all and also provides a pretty comprehensive explanation of the most commonly used, such as $LinkingMode and $CurrentMember.

Customising the Hierarchy
Gives you a list of all the different options you have to control the structure of the hierarchy, such as setting default child pages or defining create permissions.

GD Functions
This page lists all the functions you can use to manipulate images, both in the template and in your controller.

Goes through the principles and the implementation of DataModels in SilverStripe, an essential concept if you want to do anything beyond a basic site.

Covers the very powerful and useful topic of decorating a class, where by you add database fields and CMS fields from an external class called a DataObjectDecorator.

This great new feature in 2.3 allows you to create a custom interface for managing large numbers of DataModels. This page will get you started.

A great resource for short tutorials and code snippets. Lot's of cool stuff in there from adding pagination to building a site tree style menu.

Modules: DataObjectManager
This fantastic new module created by Aaron Carlino adds a wealth of new features to the ComplexTableField. It really is an essential module to consider when building a site with any sort of DataObject relationship. This page takes you through setting up the different types of manager their their related Objects. There are also a couple great new form fields that become available when installing the module, including a popup HTML editor field and a jQuery calendar field.


Aram Balakjian avatar

Aram Balakjian

Aram is a web developer running London based agency Aab Web. He has a strong passion for developing attractive, usable sites around the SilverStripe CMS.

  • sktzoootech
    26/06/2012 12:16am (5 years ago)

    Hi there Aram. I am a SS noob. I really love your tutorials. I have both SS books but most of the time I get a clearer view on how to use SS through your tutorials.

    I just have one comment specifically on this post. I can't seem to find the pages anymore. For example customising-the-hierarchy had the content moved but it didn't even say where it has been moved.

    I hope the SS team could at least be kind enough to direct new developers to old pages.

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