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Site of the Month: The Winner!


And the winner of 'Site of the Month' October 2010 is... BackStop (GB)!


BackStop (GB)

Submitted by Daniel Hensby

Backstop is a London based recruitment agency that specialise in the Criminal Justice sector. The website needed a refresh and they also wanted some special features like their prequalification questionaire and a jobs listing that was pulled from their in-house recruitment database.

Our congratulations go to the winning member, Daniel Hensby!

The site will be featured in the SSbits Site of the Month Archive and as well as the author recieving a whopping 30 SSBits member points!

Comiserations to the other finalists, they were all great sites and remember you can always enter them again next month! You also get 10 SSBits points for getting to the final!

You can see the results of the vote as well as the other finalists on the voting page

To see winning sites from previous months, visit the Site of the Month Archive

  • Carsten
    21/10/2010 11:43am (7 years ago)

    It is a really nice site. Appealing design and fast loading. The register form has got a really high-level-usability. Would be great to have a tutorial to show how to implement this.

  • Unclecheese
    21/10/2010 3:00pm (7 years ago)

    Nice work, Dan! This is a pretty nice site. I love seeing SilverStripe taken beyond the realm of simple brochureware. I really like the simplicity of the search form, and the imposed visual hierarchy throughout is consistent and clean.

    My only criticism is that, contrary to Carsten's remark, I think there's a significant usability flaw in the registration form. The "next" button is rendered useless for the radio button selections because you're submitting the form on change. It creates a lot of uncertainty and less "confidence in the click", as they say. For some of the steps in the form, I didn't have to hit the button, and then once the checkboxes came, was confused when the form didn't submit automatically.

    When the fields change with every click, I think it behooves the developer to empower the user with control over the form submission. The auto-submit, for me, adds a lot more surprise and anxiety than the intended efficiency.

    And there I go, critiquing the website of the month.. Really nice stuff, Dan. Sorry for the rant!

  • Daniel Hensby
    21/10/2010 6:01pm (7 years ago)


    Yer, I understand what you're saying and have the same sort of reservations. But the client wanted something exciting, interactive and quick; I think this delivers.

    Also, feedback from the target users has been positive and they felt it was easy to use and 'fun'.

    I think that it's halving the number of clicks needed and this is an excellent usability advantage which supersedes the disadvantage of having the user 'lose control'.

  • Jeroen Marechal
    21/10/2010 10:01pm (7 years ago)

    Awesome website Daniel, congrats!

  • joel
    25/10/2010 10:01am (7 years ago)

    Congratulations, I too really like the stuff you have made. And I agree with Carsten – a tutorial for this kind of registration form would be nice.

  • Daniel Hensby
    26/10/2010 8:53am (7 years ago)

    @Carsten & @joel:
    The registration form isn't really anything special in terms of silverstripe. It's just a standard SS form with an ajax sumbission.

    The added functionality just comes from some indepth jQuery and I don't think it would be a tutorial suited for this site as it is primarily a jQuery based solution, not an SS specific one.

    Turn of JS and see how the form works and you will see it's just a normal SS form.

  • Darren-Lee
    09/04/2011 12:42pm (6 years ago)

    Nice site!

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