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SSBits Re-Launches!


It's here, the moment we've all been waiting for! Welcome to the new SSbits! Have a look around and make yourselves at home. Over the coming week I will be bringing you a new post every day, from a completely new Tutorial on using DataObjects as pages, to a Snippet on adding Gravatars to your site and an exciting new monthly contest. Read on to find out about the great new features and some exciting plans for the future!

What's new?

So you've seen the new design (what do you think?) and are wondering what else is new? Well here are a few of the major changes to the site:

  • Submit and Manage your own posts. In addition to submitting your own posts, you now have full control over them. Save them and make changes to them before submitting, upload images and source files, insert syntax highlighted code blocks and preview then in proper page context.
  • Spread the love! You can now show your appreciation for a post by liking it, just click the  in the top right corner of each post (while logged in).
  • Be appreciated. Each time you contribute to SSBits, be it submitting a post, leaving a comment or having your post liked by another member, you will receive points boosting your score in the new member leaderboard. 
  • Member only comments. As you probably noticed, comment spam was a major problem on SSbits, so now comments can only be left by members. This has two advantages: firstly you no longer need to input your name, website or spam answer, only your comment. Secondly, author comments are now clearly highlighted allowing you to easily find important replies and updates. Authors now also receive an email when somebody comments on their post, allowing them to keep up to date with questions and corrections.
  • Find posts faster. You can now filter posts by tags and sort by the number of comments or likes. There is also a new search which gives you much more detail on the results.

Existing content: It's fresher than you think!

Each and every post was transferred by hand. In the process I re-wrote, corrected and updated large portions of them. Most posts now work with 2.4 (they also now say which versions are supported) as well as providing more detailed descriptions. However as I went through the posts there were a few that I felt were no longer relevant, or would be shortly superseded by new posts. For this reason some posts have been left behind. If you find that a post you valued is no longer present, let me know as I am open to new arguments for their inclusion.

Going forward: new types of content

So what's the grand plan for this shiny new feature list? Well over the coming months, SSBits will be bringing you more types of content. Instead of just code, you'll be able to find news, interviews, competitions and screencasts! The first of these will be surfacing next week with the first of a monthly 'Member site of the month' competition, allowing members to show off their SilverStripe handy work and gain recognition from the community.

More content for those just getting started

For me the best thing about SilverStripe was how it allowed me to gradually learn the fundamentals of good website development along side the actual Sapphire framework. Some of you may have noticed a new section to the site: Newbies. Although currently nothing more than some re-factored tutorials from the old site, this section will become a place for those who are not only new to SilverStripe, but also new to web programming and PHP. The tutorials posted in here will help to introduce people to the concepts of website development and Object Oriented PHP as they relate to SilverStripe. It will also provide tutorials on creating basic websites features with SilverStripe.

The bad news.....

Well, of course there was bound to be some. Unfortunately due to the way the commenting system has been developed as well as all the spam, it proved too much to port over all the comments from the old site. However, I did read through every one while re-writing each post, so much of the useful suggestions and corrections have been incorporated into the content. However, if you feel an important comment from the old site is needed, please repost it (and get your SSbits score a jump start!). You can access the old site here:

So there you have it

Your new SilverStripe community site has lifted off. What do you think? Let me know in the comments or by sending a message!

Aram Balakjian avatar

Aram Balakjian

Aram is a web developer running London based agency Aab Web. He has a strong passion for developing attractive, usable sites around the SilverStripe CMS.

  • Daniel Hensby
    01/10/2010 11:51am (7 years ago)

    Wow, it looks sooooo goood

  • dendeffe
    01/10/2010 12:37pm (7 years ago)

    Congratulations on the relaunch!

    01/10/2010 2:15pm (7 years ago)


  • Iainvdw
    01/10/2010 2:22pm (7 years ago)

    Nice! Looks good!

    Looking forward to see the new content :)

  • Jeroen Marechal
    01/10/2010 2:23pm (7 years ago)

    Looks good!

  • Ed
    01/10/2010 2:57pm (7 years ago)

    Congrats on the site refresh and relaunch. You have developed SSBits into a valuable resource for the SilverStripe community. I look forward to reading (and submitting) new posts and snippets from the talented SS community.

  • DusX
    01/10/2010 5:06pm (7 years ago)

    nice work..
    Really looking forward to the new content.
    One thing I would like to see for newbies is a 'how to' reference the Silverstripe API docs.
    A walk through of looking up information, and some use cases as to how one might use the API docs during a project.

  • Invader_Zim
    01/10/2010 5:44pm (7 years ago)

    Looks awesome! Congratulations to your relaunch.

  • Dan Rye
    01/10/2010 9:36pm (7 years ago)

    Love it, I did notice that search results didn't seem to work. I got "Your searched for comments, which returned 7 results." but no listing of results. Others seeing this?

  • Aram Balakjian
    02/10/2010 10:12pm (7 years ago)

    @ Everyone - Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! Looking forward to the coming week...

    @ Dan Rye - Yep, it seems I have broken something on the search, very strange, but am looking into it as we speak!

  • Hamish Campbell
    04/10/2010 1:05am (7 years ago)

    Nice one Aram - great resource just got better.

  • Fred Condo
    04/10/2010 10:20pm (7 years ago)

    Well done, sir!

  • joel
    06/10/2010 2:12pm (7 years ago)

    Brilliant site and design, like it!

  • dario
    07/10/2010 3:24pm (7 years ago)

    Nice work! One question. How did you customize Security/Login layout. Simple in some places?

  • dario
    07/10/2010 3:52pm (7 years ago)

    Solved!! Created page!!! And customization done..

  • Aram Balakjian
    07/10/2010 3:54pm (7 years ago)

    Hi Dario, yep that's right, is the one. I'm actually going to be writing a series of tutorials on customising the Security templates soon. Watch this space...

  • Entar Nadriorrfin
    01/12/2010 11:35am (7 years ago)

    guys it's soooo cool resource! thanks a lot for all your hard work

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