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SSbits is a site dedicated to helping people develop their skills using the SilverStripe CMS and accompanying framework, Sapphire. It was started back in March of 2009 by then SilverStripe novice Aram Balakjian.


Having stumbled across SilverStripe CMS in October '08, I knew I had finally found 'the one'. A CMS that was flexible, enjoyable to work with and best of all easy for clients to use. I really enjoyed the learning curve, despite the needing a little perseverance initially, if you had the time to put into it there were plenty of rewards to be had and to this day I still get a great buzz from finding new things to do with SilverStripe. However, despite being enjoyable, the learning curve was slower than it should have been, primarily due to the lack of good documentation despite the power of the Sapphire framework in making complex site building ridiculously easy. I felt as though a lot of potential users (particularly those less technical) were being scared off by the lack of any proper introduction and follow up tutorials which was a real shame, because once you get the hang of it SilverStripe is a dream come true for any site builder. You can quickly and efficiently build complex dynamic sites (such as this one!) in next to no time, all the while retaining full control of the sites design and functionality. 

So I thought why not help other people over that initial wall by creating a site that really kick started the learning process and then continually topped it up. SSbits is a way for me and everyone else to share the great feelings we get from using SilverStripe and I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing/developing it!


Aram Balakjian created SSbits in march '09 with the idea of providing the community with a badly needed learning resource which would allow members of the community to write articles and contribute content as well as providing high quality content it self.

Aram currently resides in London running web agency aab-web who specialise in building sites around SilverStripe.




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