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SSBits Post writing guidelines and standards

Before you submit your post, read these guidelines to give yourself an idea of the guidelines that posts on SSbits must adhere to to be approved for publication. Don't let this scare you away from submiting a post however, as you will be informed of any requested changes to your post in an informal and friendly way!


When writing your post, please provide some explenation of the code and what it does. It doesn't have to be long, but it should give users an idea of how to implement the code in their own projects. If you are writing a tutorial, then the eplenation must be clear and detailed, without over complicating the matter.

Your Code

The code that you use in your post should be reduced to the simplest form needed to achieve the desired functionality. Posts should be about explaining to people concepts and providing examples of how to achieve those concepts. They are not about trying to cover absolutely every aspect of the chosen functionality.

Posts should also encourage best practice where ever possible, unless that significantly complicates the example. In this case it may be worth providing 2 examples, a simple and more complicated best practice example, each with respective explanations.

It is also worth reading the official Coding Conventions on as well as SilverStripe Development Standards posted on LeftAndMain by famed SilverStripe developer UncleCheese. Try to keep your code within these guidelines as much as possible.

Code Highlighting

When writing your snippets please use the insert code button  to add blocks of highlighted code to your post. This will bring up a popup window in which you can paste your code and select the language, before pressing Insert. The code will not show as a highlighted block within the editor, but it will show in the preview. When using the preformatting your code will look like this in the Editor view:

public function SomeCode(){
return $Foobar

It's a good idea to write your code in a text editor and then paste it onto the popup box of the Insert code plug-in rather than trying to format it in the editor, as tabs are not properly recognised.

There is also a bug whereby if the last item in the editor is a codeblock then you cannot add a normal paragrah in. In this case you must use the HTML editor to add an empty <p></p> after the last </pre> tag.To avoid this, try to always make sure you have a couple of extra lines at the bottom of your post.


Use H2 tags for your top level headings and H3 for your subheadings.


Use bolding for any word or phrase within an explenation that is sytax significant, for example $Variable or SomeFunction().

Spell Checker

Please use the spell checker in the toolbar before submitting your snippet.



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