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    Silvermax - SilverStripe development, custom modules, themes coding. Webmax - local company creating nice SS powered websites. - slovak community portal about SilverStripe CMS.

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  • and don't forget to use absolute paths for images in your css files, because final css location will be...

    24/04/2011 2:44pm on Dynamically Combining CSS Files for Faster Loading
  • if you want to use css combining if you use themedCSS calls like this: Requirements::themedCSS('content'); Requirements::themedCSS('typography'); Requirements::themedCSS('print'); use this for css combining: ...

    24/04/2011 2:42pm on Dynamically Combining CSS Files for Faster Loading
  • dont use i18n setup in mysite/_config.php, but place it in Page_Controller's init() method: if($this->dataRecord->hasExtension('Translatable')) { i18n::set_locale($this->dataRecord->Locale); setlocale(LC_TIME, $this->dataRecord->Locale . ".utf8"); } so entity translations...

    24/04/2011 2:22pm on Using Translatable to create a Simple Multilingual Site

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