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Richard Rudy

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  • Hey Aram, any plans on tweaking this for SS3. I've started slowly chunking away at it removing code that incompatible...

    09/06/2012 8:48pm on DataObject as Pages: The Module
  • Aram, I have the following in the index() of MyDataObjectAsPageHolderPage_Controller: if(Director::is_ajax()/* || $_GET["ajaxDebug"]*/) { return $this->renderWith(array('MyDataObjectAsPageHolderPage_ajax')); } else { return...

    17/04/2012 12:37am on DataObject as Pages: The Module
  • Just wondering how I'd call a DataObjectAsPage with AJAX, placing the usual if(Director::is_ajax()) and index call in the DataObjectAsPageHolder doesn't...

    15/04/2012 9:15pm on DataObject as Pages: The Module

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