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Roman Schmid

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    Graphic Designer and Software Developer. Also known as 'banal'

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  • @Bunheng This thread should help you getting started:

    16/06/2011 7:45am on Embed flash content using SWFObject
  • @Mom Bunheng: Yeah, simply use the "renderWith" method to render to another template where you use XML markup.

    13/06/2011 3:27pm on Embed flash content using SWFObject
  • @William No this won't help with memory problems, since you'll hit the memory limit as soon as the image is...

    25/01/2011 4:42pm on Improving image quality

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6 years ago Improving image quality by preventing correctly sized images being resized 12 15
7 years ago Embed flash content using SWFObject 2 11

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