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Hamish Campbell

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    Hamish is a web developer for Opus International Consultants in New Zealand. He creates tools for managing data online, with a particular interest in geographical information systems. He is also an active contributor to the SilverStripe open source project.

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  • FYI, the underscore behaviour is documented in the wiki here: That has information about clearing the cached value for a particular...

    15/11/2010 7:08pm on Optimizing Complex Models
  • A handy convention - from the SilverStripe core and elsewhere - suffix variables that you might use for database lookups...

    13/10/2010 9:19pm on Preventing malicious SQL injections
  • Wow, tough decision - will keep my choice to myself - but some great SS websites there!

    13/10/2010 8:48pm on Website of the Month: Vote Now!


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