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Customise Form Actions to use the <button> tag

By Default, SilverStripe uses the <input type="submit"> tag for it's form actions. However, sometimes you may want to use the <button> tag to give you a little more control over styling. This snippet shows you how, as well as giving you code to achieve the same thing in UserForms!

General Forms

I wanted more control over the styling of submit buttons in the userforms module. The standard button use either an <input> tag or a <button> tag. I needed an extra span so I could style the button super pretty, à la:




To do this on a form contructor function, simply do the following:


//Create form Action
$submit = new FormAction("doregister");
//Set it to use button
$submit->useButtonTag = true;
$submit->setButtonContent('<span>Lets do it!</span>');
$actions = new FieldSet($submit);


Notice that we are adding <span>Button text</span> as the button content. This is one of the advantages of using a <button> over an <input>: you can add html inside it.

User Forms Module

To get this working in UserForms, I extended UserDefinedForm by putting the file 'MyForm' in mysite/code:


class MyForm extends UserDefinedForm {
class MyForm_Controller extends UserDefinedForm_Controller {
	 * Customise User Defined Form. Add a prettier submit button
	 * (Actually overriding the model, but template calls this controller function)
	 * @return Form
	public function Form() {
		$form = parent::Form();
		$submit = new FormAction("process", $form->SubmitButtonText);
		$submit->useButtonTag = true;
		$form->actions = new FieldSet($submit);
		return $form;





  • Francisco Arenas
    22/10/2010 9:37pm (7 years ago)

    nice :) we are using this snippet for an internal application of ours

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