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  • SnippetsSet the Redirect after a successful Member Login


    The Member system that comes with SilverStripe offers substantial control over your site's authentication capabilities. It often requires the developer to build out or extend most common functionality to websites. This is great in that you are never "stuck" with the out-of-the-box offerings, but as any SS dev knows you end up with a little bag of Member tricks that gets used across many projects. Presented here is one that I use often.

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  • SnippetsPreventing malicious SQL injections



    PHP has a very shallow learning curve, it's free and anyone can have a go at making a website by following a few tutorials and implementing their experience with other languages. However, coding for the web can be a risky business, especially with dynamic websites that take some kind of user (or external) input and use that to get data from a database.

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  • SnippetsUsing a Password Validator


    The Password Validator allows you to set particular criteria for your members passwords. For example if you wanted to have a minimum length of 8 characters and contain lowercase and uppercase characters, well that's a simple case of adding a couple of lines to your _config.php file!

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  • SnippetsHide pages in Sitetree that a user can't edit


    Sometimes you want to hide pages in the Sitetree that members logged into the CMS don't have permission to edit. This is really simple in because they already have a css style applied to them you can just hide that class. You need to include this snippet in your typography.css file so that it is included in the CMS. Continue reading...
  • SnippetsUsing canCreate(), canEdit(), canDelete() and canPublish() to manage page type permissions


    Often you will want to control which users can create, edit, delete and publish certain page types. For example you may only want high level users to be able to create ContactPage page types, or prevent low level users from deleting HomePage page types. This can easily be achieved by adding these functions to the page type model (usually just before getCMSFields()). Then within the function you can define conditionals which decide whether to return true or false.

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  • SnippetsCreate and use a Permission code


    Have you wanted to add an extra permission code that you can add to groups and then use that to test whether a particular user has that permission? Here's how it's done. The permission code it self is added via the Controller class, then you use a permission check anywhere in your site code to check the current user. Like so:

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  • SnippetsHow to access your admin account when you've forgotten the password


    I managed to forget my admin password and found quite a few ways to unlock an SS install. I originally thought about poking around the database and changing the hashes myself. After reviewing the Security and password encryption code, I would recommend against doing that. SilverStripe uses salted SHA1 encryption which is no fun to try and create yourself. Also you'd have to update multiple tables to get the password changed. Luckily the SS Core team has included multiple features for accomplishing this. The options below assume you have access to your webserver to use some PHP code. Continue reading...
  • SnippetsRemoving an Item From the Main CMS Menu


    If you want to remove an item from the CMSTopMenu without making it inaccessible you can add this line to your _config.php file:

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