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  • TutorialsDataObject as Pages: The Module



    It's been a while since we published the DataObject as Pages series of tutorials, which have proved to be particularly popular. At Aab Web we use those techniques regularly as a way to allow our clients to mange large amounts of flat content or content that is distributed in multiple places throughout a site. Although the final implementations in each project are often varied and bespoke, they all start with the basics outlined in those tutorials, so it made sense for us to build a starting point to work from (and include some more complex features at the same time). That starting point is this module, catchily entitled: DataObject as Pages.

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  • TutorialsControllers Instead of Pages


    SilverStripe is great for working with Pages in the CMS.  But what if you need functionality without the need for content or all the "data fluff," like in Aram's tutorial about user registration and profile editing.  Well, believe it or not, SilverStripe is a pretty solid MVC platform, even if you're working outside of the page data objects.  It took me a while to understand how to implement true-ish MVC in SilverStripe, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share.

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  • TutorialsSetting and displaying custom messages in your site



    There is a method on SilverStripe's Form class to set a success or error message when the form is submitted. That's cool... but sometimes you need to display a message that is not related to a form. I've created a couple of simple controller methods to enable setting and displaying of message banners anytime.

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  • TutorialsUsing a nested controller for generic URL handling


    In this tutorial we'll be taking a look at SilverStripes nested controller concept and how you can use it in your own projects. Keep in mind though that this tutorial is probably for the more advanced users and for those who whish to learn abit more about how SilverStripe works. I will be referencing Controllers Instead of Pages by Ty Barho and the nested controller we'll be building will be for handling his scenario.

    I have also taken the liberty of including a zip file which contains all the code examples from Tys tutorial + the new controller and the new URL rule for it.

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