Computer Software

Most of us use computers... be it a desktop, tablet, or laptop... for business purposes, playing games, sending and receiving emails, designing artwork, editing audio and video, and many other tasks. However, few of us bother to think about the "set of codes", without which our computers would not function. These "set of codes" are generally referred to as software. Even your mobile phone, the laser used by the ophthalmologist to perform delicate eye surgeries, the humble remote controlled airplanes to the real plane, depends to a huge extent on software for functioning.

What is software?

Software consists of hundreds f thousands of lines of codes, created using special coding languages such as Pascal, Python, Ruby, C++, PHP, and JavaScript, and compiled as an executable file to run all computer programs. Even the operating system of your computer and that of servers depends on software. They are available in different flavours such as Windows, iOS, Linux, and Unix etc. People install and use the operating system to run the hardware of the home computer as well as highly powerful servers. However, one requires other types of software for playing games, listening to music, protecting their computer against attacks by viruses (this too is software, albeit a malicious one), viewing movies, compiling spreadsheets, and much more. On a typical basis, one can purchase software from online and physical stores for their requirement. However, one has to approach bespoke software development companies for programming software for specific purposes, such as specialised stock keeping programs, typically not available openly.

Extra information about bespoke software development

Why do people need software?

People need software to run their computers as well as their smartphones. The only difference being that the software required for mobiles are commonly referred to as apk, or applications. You would not be able to boot your computer with the operating software. You require special software to browse the net, for editing movies, for typesetting text, and for a huge variety of other purposes. Although you can purchase 99% software from both online stores and physical shops, there might be occasions when you require personalised (bespoke) software for a specific task. On such occasions, your only solution is to get in touch with a reputable bespoke software development company, and explain what you expect the software to do so that they can code one from scratch.

What can software be used for?

Software is used for running nearly all electronic and electro mechanical gadgets such as:

- Computers

- Designing

- Vehicles

- Aircraft

- Medical diagnostic and surgical equipment

- Composing

- Web designing

The above are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

How is software sold?

Software is sold through physical stores or through online shops in the form of physical CDs and DVDs. On many occasions, you can also download the executive file from the vendor's website via the internet, and install it on your computer.

How do people make their own software?

Individuals make their own software with the help of compiling programs, a list of which has been mentioned found above in this article. However, those who do not have the knowledge about such programming languages can approach a bespoke software development professional.