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The winner was Hamaka (NL) submitted by Xurk

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  • Simon Erkelens
    11/10/2011 9:57am (6 years ago)

    The "visit" button for Aalborg Stift is linked wrong.

  • Aram Balakjian
    11/10/2011 10:00am (6 years ago)

    Thanks Simon, Fixed!

  • Matt Clegg
    11/10/2011 10:20am (6 years ago)

    Im getting an error saying; "Sorry, you must be logged in to vote!" ?

  • Aram Balakjian
    11/10/2011 1:16pm (6 years ago)

    Ooops, sorry that's fixed now!

  • dendeffe
    11/10/2011 1:44pm (6 years ago)

    Would be interesting to know what e-commerce solution is behind Just Carpets. SilverCart? own solution? something outside of SilverStripe?

  • SamTheJarvis
    11/10/2011 10:38pm (6 years ago)

    Aalborg Stift is incredibly well implemented. Love it.

  • MisterAC
    12/10/2011 5:07pm (6 years ago)

    @SamTheJarvis: Thank you very much, I really appreciate hearing that (I'm the developer of the Aalborg Stift site). It's my first SS site so if you don't mind I'd really like it if you could expand a little on what you think is well implemented. It's been a learning experience of massive proportions for me, and my approach to the technical issues changed a bit through the process.

    Thanks again for the kind words.

  • SamTheJarvis
    15/10/2011 2:20am (6 years ago)

    Your first? Crikey. Well, first off, great attention to detail. Links and blocklinks are clearly identifiable, with appropriate hover styles. The eye is drawn to headings (although I have no idea what they say!) effectively using your heavy border-bottom. Navigation is easy to follow (big plus for a church website). The overall layout agrees with me. Everything just seems well thought out and concise with plenty of fully functioning functionality!

    Do they manage the site themselves? Adding/editing videos/posts/data?

  • MisterAC
    17/10/2011 1:08pm (6 years ago)

    Sam: Thank you very much for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

    Yes, they de indeed manage it themselves. Most of the video content is managed through youtube embeds (by providing the video ID), but the site also supports uploading MP4-files which are wrapped in a Flowplayer.

    I found that SilverStripe's built-in TinyMCE was much too difficult to use for content creation, however, so I stripped it out and replaced it with a Textile-based editor. It's made it a ton easier to manage both styling and document structure as TinyMCE (along with many other WYSIWYG-editors) seems to have some funny ideas regarding everything from markup to inline styling. I found it was easier to teach the relatively basic Textile syntax as well as provide a cheat sheet with relevant classes than it was to wrangle TinyMCE into submission.

  • moloko_man
    19/10/2011 5:32pm (6 years ago)

    @MisterAC I've been looking at changing out the TinyMCE for Textile for sometime now. Was it a hard process to change out?

    I'm thinking that would be a good tutorial on this site.

  • MisterAC
    20/10/2011 3:58pm (6 years ago)

    No, it wasn't particularly difficult. I encountered the largest amount of trouble from bugs in Textile itself, actually, until I found out that somebody had made a newer implementation with much broader features and fewer bugs.

    Essentially I made two new data types (TextileText, extending Text and TextileVarchar extending Varchar) as well as a new form field (TextileField, extending TextareaField), which adds a very simple toolbar for normal editing tasks (JSToolbar, lifted from Redmine). TextileText does blocks, TextileVarchar only does inline formatting. Then I made a DataObjectDecorator that I attached to SiteTree which replaces the "Title" and "Content" fields with TextileVarchar and TextileText respectively.

    Essentially they work as drop-in replacements for TinyMCE and normal varchar fields. And they allow you to add complicated markup such as embeds or iframes through notextile-tags, so all in all it's a win-win.

    It got a bit more complicated when I implemented a "cleaner" method which turns textile into plain text and a highlight method, but those aren't essential for basic operation. I needed those for proper Sphinx integration, so it wouldn't spill textile markup all over the search results.

  • MisterAC
    20/10/2011 4:07pm (6 years ago)

    The term "data types" is a bit vague. "DBField" is the grandparent of my custom fields.

  • moloko_man
    25/10/2011 5:12pm (6 years ago)

    Cool, thanks! I'll give it a whirl see how it turns out.

  • wfacewomens
    11/03/2015 9:11am (2 years ago)

  • wfacewomens
    11/03/2015 9:11am (2 years ago)

  • wfacewomens
    11/03/2015 9:11am (2 years ago)

  • ryduhartchas
    08/10/2015 8:51am (2 years ago)

  • ryduhartchas
    08/10/2015 8:52am (2 years ago)

  • ryduhartchas
    08/10/2015 8:52am (2 years ago)

  • sam sandy
    18/11/2016 12:15pm (6 months ago)

    Congrats Hamaka (NL)

  • ryduhartchas
    16/04/2017 5:10am (1 month ago)

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