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Although it was not destined to win the SilverStripe theme contest, I thought it would be a shame if this theme was forgotten, so here it is in all it's glory and fully compatible with SS 2.x for everyone to use as they please!

Find it on Github here:


  • Responsive design for use with Mobiles
  • Clean minimal CSS and HTML, ready for customisation
  • Very few images, base theme is just 39KB!
  • Form, Content and 3 level Menu styling
  • Blog and Forum sub themes
  • Completely decoupled from functionality, no JS or PHP files required

As with all SilverSripe themes, simply dump it in your themes folder and change the line in your _config.php which sets the theme to:


If you need it for blog or forum then you can add those folders in to the themes/ directory and it will style those modules too.

All Comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome!

Enjoy :)

Aram Balakjian avatar

Aram Balakjian

Aram is a web developer running London based agency Aab Web. He has a strong passion for developing attractive, usable sites around the SilverStripe CMS.

  • Wired Ink
    22/02/2012 10:50am (3 years ago)

    This looks really great! I am new to SS so I look forward to customizing this theme.

  • Terry Apodaca
    23/02/2012 12:43am (3 years ago)

    Mine didn't make it I was going to release it to SS themes ( I know that portion of their site is seriously lacking in quality. You should submit this there as well.

  • Adam Stead
    25/02/2012 2:34am (3 years ago)

    I agree with Terry would be great if you submited to Theme section, hopefully the contest inspired a few people to submit there items to the Theme section we will be submitting a basic theme up there shortly as well.

  • kaloschke
    09/04/2012 6:35pm (3 years ago)

    the theme doesn't work with beta 3.0. Is that right? And what can I do?

  • Aram Balakjian
    11/04/2012 2:38pm (3 years ago)

    Hi Kaloschke, what is the problem with 3.0 exactly? As far as I was aware it should work.


  • kaloschke
    14/04/2012 2:41pm (3 years ago)

    Hi Aram.
    I have copied the folder to the themes section and have changed the theme name in _config.php in the mysite folder. After that I see only the start page without any menu. When I changed the theme back to blackcandy evrything looks like usual.
    Greetings Kaloschke

  • Aram Balakjian
    16/04/2012 10:38am (3 years ago)

    Hi Kalischke - did you do a ?flush=1 you need to clear the template cache.


  • kaloschke
    16/04/2012 6:31pm (3 years ago)

    Oops (red face)
    Thank you very much,

  • ryduhartchas
    18/12/2014 8:32am (7 months ago)

  • ryduhartchas
    18/12/2014 8:32am (7 months ago)

  • ryduhartchas
    18/12/2014 8:32am (7 months ago)

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